Karen Hunter Vintage Distressed Cap

Karen Hunter Vintage Distressed Cap

Karen Hunter – KH | Soft Form Cap 

Navy blue Lightweight, Vintage | DistressedI never thought I would create any type of branding merchandise, but I was getting so many requests I decided to go ahead a do something. I decided to start with a range hat. Anyone who keeps up with my work knows… I love a good range hat! My “KH” logo is embroidered on the front in white, with the rest of the hat in navy blue making it versatile for men or women. It is a vintage, soft-form hat with a distressed bill. I wanted a relaxed and unique look and to me this was perfect. In the future there will be other colors and styles, but to begin this branding venture I thought this was perfect.

Karen Hunter

Navy blue Lightweight, vintage/distressed, soft form cap with Velcro adjustable back and white embroidered “puffed” logo.


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