Shadow Hawk 10mm | Nighthawk Customs | Combat Handgun Magazine

Out now in the newest issue of Combat Handguns, the Shadow Hawk 10mm Long Slide. This was such an enjoyable article to write because the T&E was incredible. I know some people who are waiting for their gun to arrive and I am so excited/jealous for them lol....

Versa Carry USA Gun Belt

I have never been a “belt person”. I always find a different way to carry, on-body, other than the traditional belt & holster option. I have just never found one I loved to wear. A couple of belts have come very close, but nothing like this belt from...

USMC Shooting Team is now out! by Karen Hunter

Well I never thought I’d be featured in a magazine, but I am absolutely humbled to spread the word of what we do on the USMC Shooting Team and how we increase the lethality of the @marines Karen Hunter thank you for doing such a professional write up and Darin Morrell...

Visiting Sig Sauer Academy

I have had an amazing time at @sigsauerinc here in New Hampshire, especially today with such gorgeous weather! Yes, I bought all of the women’s clothes in the pro shop LOL! This trip was an absolute honor as I was personally invited by SIG for a project I am working...

The American Sheriff & Legacy Arms Intl: Range time !

I had the most amazing range day today with the American Sheriff aka @americansheriff & @sheriffswife_beautypatrol and @legacyarmsintl. Mark and Janel are absolutely amazing and even though the heat spiked to 115, it was a great time!! I have an article coming...

Ballistic Magazine – “Commander in Chief”

I always feel honored to be a part of Ballistic Magazine. Out now in the current issue is my article on the Commander in Chief from the family of @kahrfirearms & @auto_ordnance Auto-Ordnance Karen Hunter

Testing Ammo ! Karen Hunter

Testing ammo today! Working on moving and shooting and rifle to pistol transitions. Also got in some basic pistol drills ... basic drills by the way are good for everyone 😉. Caught some muzzle flash in the process 🔥. I’m curious what you guys do. When you work on...


Karen Hunter’s work is multi-faceted. As a certified firearms instructor she focuses on defensive handgun, carbine and shotgun training through group classes as well as private instruction. Karen is also a national magazine contributor, author and content contributor for various digital platforms with gun and product reviews, education, training, opinion pieces and even highlighting other individuals who are impacting the 2A community for the better. In addition, Karen works within the firearm industry as a professional consultant with product development and marketing.

Digitally she can be found online at: ; ; ; ; as well as various social media platforms.

Karen Hunter 10 Best AR15 Reviews Guns Gear Interviews Training

Find her in print magazines such as Ballistic, Personal Defense World, Combat Handguns, Tactical Life and Survivor’s Edge just to name a few.

I just added this to my collection!! Ok… just kidding lol. But… I do have a wonderful friend who has always been generous in sharing his amazing collection with so many people. Thank you legacyarmsintl !!

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VET your instructors! I cannot stress this enough. Someone showed me a video of their shotgun “training” and they were very proud. The reality… it was terrible.
Improperly shouldered, poor form, and inability to manage recoil is the short list of things that were wrong. The only upside was that they held onto it and the muzzle was pointed down range. This was not the students fault as people simply don’t know what they don’t know.
They went on to say that while they enjoyed training they didn’t enjoy the shotgun. Of course they didn’t as this was a horrible training experience. Had they been taught proper form, grip, stance, recoil management, etc., they would have had a different experience and possibly enjoyed it. They could have experienced what it’s like to be in control of the firearm vs barely managing it.
The point… VET your instructors. They’re a dime a dozen, many becoming certified in a weekend, offering a more grandiose perception online than what they are in reality.
There are a lot of good, quality instructors out there… you just need to take the time to find and vet them.
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I LOVE my new Zoey bag from Cameleon - ruggedrare It’s bright, colorful and has so much detail on the optional canvas strap 🧡

If you have to off body carry this company is a fantastic option. All bags have a dedicated compartment for a firearm complete with a holster offering excellent retention and trigger guard protection.

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I am not exaggerating folks. To truly grasp what I am saying you’d have to watch Wranglerstar’s post on YouTube about not dating women over 30. And yes… he literally said women over 35 are “downy factories”. I am not a person who is easily offended, but this… this entire rant is too much. He goes on to say that women of this age don’t want to travel, or discover, or experience new things, etc., yet men are in their prime and are of “super value” I often defend men as I am blessed to have so many wonderful male colleagues, friends, and family - but hearing this and then seeing how many men agreed with him just made me sad. I WOULD LOVE to hear your opinions on this!!! Even if you disagree with me. Feel free to comment.


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#armthewomen with education, confidence and soft-defense

Repost: klhunter42 FIRE 2023 highlighted these incredible women because they represent all women who have become advocates of their own protection. May this event FUEL their FIRE and spread to every woman within their reach.

Fierce 🔥 Instinctive 🔥 Revolutionary 🔥 Empowered

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Happy Friday!! 🖤

Sometimes the girl comes out in me. 💕

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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~
Ernest Hemingway

My only competition is the woman I see daily in the mirror. Everyday I go after her hard, always trying to become better than the day before, both in character and skill sets - especially shooting as it’s such a passion.

This video is from the most recent athlonoutdoors Rendezvous. A few of us created a little challenge to see how far we could hit with pistol. In these moments I have no desire to do better than anyone else. But… when I’m on the line acquiring my target the competition is on with myself! The challenge of beating a personal record or achieving a new goal is such an adrenaline rush.

This is the Walther WMP. I’m shooting a .22 WMR round (basically a suped up .22) at an 18” IDPA steel target at 500 yards. That HIT was exhilarating lol. Silly? Yes…. FUN? Absolutely!

The point? Try not to worry about “everyone else”. Embrace where you are, push your limits, and never stop trying to outdo yourself.

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Repost from klhunter42

FIRE 2023 highlighted these incredible women because they represent all women who have become advocates of their own protection. May this event FUEL their FIRE and spread to every woman within their reach.

Fierce 🔥 Instinctive 🔥 Revolutionary 🔥 Empowered

#secureitfire2023 #klhunter42
From SecureIts CMO Chris Panebianco:

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I applaud each of these Fierce, Instinctive, Revolutionary, and Empowered (FIRE) women.

You are champions in this industry and amazing role models in our society!

Karen Hunter, you truly knocked it out of the park with this event!

Can’t wait for the next one!


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klhunter42 FIRE 2023 highlighted these incredible women because they represent all women who have become advocates of their own protection. May this event FUEL their FIRE and spread to every woman within their reach.

Fierce 🔥 Instinctive 🔥 Revolutionary 🔥 Empowered

#secureitfire2023 #klhunter42
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FIRE 2023 highlighted these incredible women because they represent all women who have become advocates of their own protection. May this event FUEL their FIRE and spread to every woman within their reach.

Fierce 🔥 Instinctive 🔥 Revolutionary 🔥 Empowered

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I may be way too excited about this lol. I’m such a hat addict lol.

I have been wanting this SecureIt Misfit hat ever since I took my position with the company. Only a few were made so I thought I was out of luck, but my partner in crime hooked me up! Thanks emsereno ! 🖤

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Everyone: What gun should I get?

Me: The one you can actually shoot and shoot well!

What works for some doesn’t work for all. Choosing a firearm is hand and individual specific. Your choice should be something that’s WELL MADE, RELIABLE, and one that works best FOR YOU. Don’t get caught up in fanboy advice.

What works best for one may not work best for another. There are no girl guns vs guys guns. There are just guns and shooters. Educate yourself and try different makes and models until you find what works best for you.

#keepitreal #advice #2A #selfdefense #logicalanswers #commonsense #thinkforyourself #educate #seekknowledge #klhunter42

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ENJOYABLE. Sometimes we get so focused on training we can forget that this is actually an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to add some JOY to your journey 🖤
What brings YOU the most JOY at the range???

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Spent some time on the range with the Taurus Executive 856. Article coming soon!

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Happy Saturday! Haven’t posted in awhile. Travel, work, but soo many amazing things in the works! Cannot wait to share!!

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Daniel Defense MK18 RIII SBR with EOTECH Vudu optic 🔥🖤

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StoryTagged in the #blackandwhite challenge. Ok, I’ll play… but didn’t we just do this? Lol.

Ladies Tagged… you’re it! Post & Tag 10 friends 💕

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secureit FIELD AGENT PROGRAM! Please see SecureIt’s recent post for details. This program is absolutely FREE… AND you can earn cash or free product.
Go follow, Sign Up, and let’s get serious about safe and effective home defense.

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Life often shifts to new directions when you least expect it. When this opportunity to join the SecureIt team came my way, I couldn’t pass it up.

I first came across this safe company a few years ago when the owner, tom_secureit reached out to me for consulting work. Since then, we’ve not only been great friends, but also valued connections within the industry. Tom has a passion with purpose when it comes to the safe industry.

I am thrilled to begin this journey with an absolutely incredible team! And… YES… I am still writing for Athlon as well!

I am looking forward to sharing some of the upcoming projects and collaborations!!

From SecureIt:

We have some exciting news to share…

Industry expert and firearms instructor Karen Hunter has joined the SecureIt Band of Misfits!

Interested in partnering with us? Want to do a brand collaboration? Curious about new training curriculums we’re building?

Karen will play a key role in all of it! Learn more about the impact she’ll have here—and send us a message if you’d like to talk to Karen about potential opportunities!

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